Thomas Plingen

Corporate and Executive Coach


One-on-one Coaching

I will support you with proven coaching processes and tools according to your situation, and provide you with clarity and constructive feedback.

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Organizational Coaching

Your organization or team is about to undergo a significant change, is amidst such change or has just undergone such change.

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About Thomas Plingen

Thomas Plingen
Thomas Plingen is a devoted father of three. In his free time, Thomas loves to engage in athletic or cultural activities.

At some point everyone has to decide for him or herself if they will conquer specific challenges alone or will seek support to reach their objectives. There are plenty of challenges out there, but are there well-qualified supporters? 

Are there coaches that know your professional environment and also offer a good deal of life experience? The reason I became a corporate and executive coach after 15 years as Managing Director and CEO in industry and mechanical engineering is to fulfill these requirements for the benefit and growth of my clients.

I am an ICF-trained Co-Active Coach (one-on-one coaching) and an ORSC coach (team coaching) and hold a Masters in Engineering and Economics.

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Thomas Plingen is Partner at leadership choicesAdditionally, he collaborates with Lukas von Hoerde in team coaching.


One-on-One Coaching / Sparring

My Customers value my open, clear feedback and know me as a strategically thinking sparring partner.

“Supporting ambitious managers to become great and empathic leaders.”

I will not tell you what to do, because after our work together, you will know yourself, what is best for you to do.In order to best support and facilitate the changes you desire, I am flexible and will adapt the coaching to best suit your needs.

Our cooperation will be challenging and ambitious, and will include hard work and some uncomfortable questions. But rest assured, we will always engage on a level playing field.

Organizational and Team Coaching

„Action plans for team and organizational development are worthless without sustainable changes in behavior.“

Having experienced numerous restructurings and integrations in companies, I am aware of what you face in the wake of great changes, and of how much the results depend on your own trustworthy and authentic leadership style.

We will take stock and will include your team in the inventory. After interviewing stakeholders and team members, I will provide you with feedback.

Together we will chart a course and identify what it will take to reach your goals.

Conflict Management

Conflict Management

People take responsibility for business based on common ideas and a common fascination and passion. In operative reality, however, relationships and teamwork can be subjected to immense pressure. Similar to a lake that is losing water, rocks and cliffs become visible.

What is to be done?

I am convinced that sustainable and resilient working relationships need the courage to discuss not only the hard facts but the soft facts as well. After all, they are the foundation for mutual success.

As conflict moderator, I do not develop a solution as an arbitrator would. Instead, I support both sides in a systematic alignment of their interests and needs. Ideally, this will lead to an agreement with continuous follow-up.

Contact Information

Thomas Plingen
Franz-Liszt Straße 29
67251 Freinsheim, Germany

Telefon: +49 173 301 4293